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Pricey Working Doc:

In the course of the previous summer season of my high-mileage coaching, I got here down with ache and stiffness within the inside of my knee joint that did not go away after the exercise. My knee now hurts each time I’m going up and down stairs and stiffens up once I sit for lengthy durations like after going to the flicks. Is that this “Runner’s Knee”? And in that case, what ought to I do now?

Robert F., Syosset, N.Y.

Thanks for a query about one thing I see most frequently in my NYC apply of Sports activities Medication. In terms of chondromalacia patella, a.okay.a. anterior knee syndrome or “runner’s knee,” biology is future. Anybody whose foot rolls inward throughout a stride is a candidate, however the actual high-risk candidates are: folks with extraordinarily flat ft, or a big, pronating forefoot, or so-called “Morton’s foot,” an inherited situation the place the second toe is longer than the primary.

For those who have been doing a little severe mileage final summer season and your knee all of the sudden began to get sore while you walked up and down stairs, or felt stiff while you have been sitting in a film, you in all probability have “Runner’s Knee.” And this can proceed, except you do one thing.

All of it begins with the kneecap. Ideally, it rides up and down within the V-shaped groove simply behind it as you stroll, run or cycle. Extra usually, although, your foot rolls in, or pronates, as you progress from heel-strike to toe-off, and the kneecap finally ends up scraping alongside one facet of the groove. The cartilage there will get sort of sandpapered, and the again of the kneecap begins to weep fluid that in flip produces a sense of stiffness. It additionally crops up usually amongst cyclists, to not point out in cleated-shoe sports activities like soccer and baseball whose footwear can put sideways torque on the knee.

Arthroscopic surgical procedure helps maybe just one out of 100 victims. Mechanically smoothing the rubbing floor of the kneecap can final for six months or so, however except your biomechanics have modified, it is a borrowed-time repair. Chopping the retinaculum, the connective tissue holding the kneecap in place to loosen it within the groove, can be solely non permanent. It will definitely scars down tighter than it was earlier than.

Correct orthotics are the only most vital step, since they forestall the roll that precipitated the scraping within the first place. When you begin sporting them, the patella cartilage that is been rubbed down is ready to heal. Ensure the orthotic controls your forefoot although. Some podiatrists not acquainted sufficient with this situation make orthotics too brief (not reaching your forefoot) or with a “divot” by the ball of your first toe (inflicting additional pronation). A correct orthotic will put you on the precise street; an improper one will put you “within the store” similar to a poorly operating Jaguar!

You additionally have to strengthen your medial quad, the thigh muscle that holds the kneecap within the heart of the groove. Do the next workout routines each day till the ache disappears, then twice weekly. Each legs.

1. Sit up on a desk or excessive floor, stick your leg out straight, drop it about 6″, and help it with a chair or stool.

2. Fill a fitness center bag or duffel with weights: books, soup cans, no matter, and strap it to the decrease leg.

three. Elevate solely the final 6″ (about 30 levels) to full extension, maintain for 3 seconds, then come slowly again down. Do 5 units of 10 reps every day, with simply sufficient weight that you simply get to five or 6 on that fifth set, and must cease.

Cannot get there? Take out some weight. Can do all 10? Add a e book or some soup.

four. For those who’re a bicycle owner, increase your seat larger than regular. As you pedal, that may assist put you into the “good” vary of movement above, relatively than persevering with to abuse your knee-cap.

If you’re in a rush or that is affecting your coaching…PRP speeds the therapeutic of the again of the kneecap.

I hope this helps, Robert. Let me know when you’ve got additional questions.

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Lewis G. Maharam, MD, FACSM is without doubt one of the world’s most extensively credentialed and well-known sports activities well being consultants. Higher referred to as Working Doc™, Maharam is creator of Working Doc’s Information to Wholesome Working and previous medical director of the NYC Marathon and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon sequence. He’s Medical Director of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Staff in Coaching program. He’s additionally previous president of the New York Chapter of the American Faculty of Sports activities Medication. Be taught extra at

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