Recreation Results and Standings, Feb. 27

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Recreation Results and Standings, Feb. 27

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Bear Creek

Results of Men's day held Feb. 20; Format: One Best Shamble; 1. Bill Holmes, Dave McCandless, Ed Soifer, Dan Putbrese.

Results of 9-hole ladies tournament held Feb. 21; Format: Stroke Play; 1. Sharon Miller, 2. Marge Dunne, 3. Marge Fisher.

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held Feb. 21; Format: Stroke Play; Flight A -- Cynthia Gorski-Popiel; Flight B -- Louise Stoops.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held Feb. 20; Format: Team Nifty Nine; 1. Chris Kohlhepp, Barbour Childress, Pat Crofton, Judie Butchko; 2. Margita Rockstroh, Barbara Neely, Marty Eidemiller, Charlene Barrett; Closest to the Pin -- Marty Eidemiller.

Results of Men's day held Feb. 23; Format: Individual Gross and Net; Flight 1 -- Net: Bill Junga; Gross: Chris Bistany; Flight 2 -- Net: Don Bainbridge; Gross: Dave Palmetier; Closest to the Pin -- Pat Cauller, Craig Jackson.

Dataw Island

Results of 2013 Sadie Hawkins Tournament held Feb. 21; Morgan River Division: 1. Ann Gibbs and Jim Morrissey; 2. Carol Luzzi and George Fiorella; 3. (tie) Mern Gouza and Bud Fischer, June Austin and Paul Hahn, Ellie White and John Weaber; 6. Lynne Van Etten and Ed Like; 7. (tie) Nancy Day and Norm Nichols, Bud Huber and David Elmore, Paula Wexler and Don Lamont, Dutchy Lewis and David Easley; Cotton Dike Division: 1. Jackie Tobin and Joe Burt; 2. (tie) Joan Karmilovich and Roy Clelland, Paula Campbell and Ron Converse; 4. Susan Converse and Tink Campbell; 5.(tie) Lucy Longwell and Jerry Hubbard, Sheila Sears and Dave Didier; 7. (tie) Carol Carpenter and Joe Foutch, Jane Burt and Bo Tobin; Denise Sullivan and John Schafer, Sally Haxby 7 Pete Dickerson; Closest To The Pin -- John Davis, Jackie Tobin, Jane Burt, Matt Longwell, Bob Martin, Carolyn Collins, Sara Davis, Fargo Thompson.

Hidden Cypress

Results of tournament held Feb. 21; Flight 1 -- 1. (tie) Anna Kelly and Joan D'Ambrosi; Flight 2 -- 1. Anne Bendiske, 2. Maureen O'Hara; 3. (tie) Pat Pghelps, Sheila Divvens, Gerri Albert; Flight 3 -- 1. Joan Turner, 2. Harriett Schwartz; 3. (tie) Eva Dion and Ethel Johnson; Flight 4 -- 1. Marilyn Schaeffer; 2. (tie) Mary Powers, Joyce Sargent; 4. Martha Yelverton.

Island West

Results of tournament held Feb. 21; Format: 2 best balls on the front and 3 best balls on the back; 1. Doug Hancock, Jon Sherwood, Don Biersack, Steve Grimaldi; 2. (tie) Dennis Fisher, John Waffle, Charles Michael, Mike Rotelle and Greg Watts, Eddie Iannacone, Fred Palcho, Jack Souders; 3. Dave Stewart, Jack Souders, Frank Raffaele, Dave Zander; Closest to the Pin -- Don Biersack, Steve Palcho, Steve Burris, Jack Souders.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held Feb. 21; Format: Two Man Team, One Best Net; 1. Tom Glans, Ben Franklin; 2. (tie) Alan Westcob, Powell Christian; 2. (tie) Larry Beckish, Ross Somers; 4. Frank Vasata, Bob deGuzman; Closest to the Pin -- Frank Vasata, Frank Porter, Mike Sinisko, Alan Westcob.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day tournament held Feb. 20; Format: 2 of 4 "Colors"; 1. (tie) C. Smith, A. Harris, S. Gill, S. Reed, J. Reynolds, J. Gibbons, M. Fulling; 3. J. Wahlrab.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held Feb. 21; Format: Four-Lady Step-Aside Scramble; 1. Linda Eberly, Joanne Moss, Michelle Chenard, Kathy Quirl; 2. (tie) Jan Crudden, Sally Kaminski, Pat Varian, Jeanne Seavers, Sandy Burgoyne, Gail Clarke, Judy Patnaude, Ruthellen Phillips.

Palmetto Hall

Results of tournament held Feb. 20; Format: Best 2 of 4 net; 1. Dick LaBonte, Frank Sutera, Richard Miller, Darryl Day; 2. Dan Osbeck, Rainer Kuenkel, Paul Bry, Al Vingelen; 3. Rick Kasper, Pete Smith, Gus Christ, Fred McNamee; 4. Steve Smith, Steve Laxdal, George Haupstein, Mike Danoff; 5. Tim Scanlin, Tom Morgan, Randall Sigmund; 6. Angelo Nardi, Peter Snyder, Roy Haynes, George Banino; 7. Roger Healey, Bobby Allen, George Salemi, Bob Holben; Closest to the Pin -- Randall Sigmund, Frank Sutera, Steve Smith, Bob Holben, Fred McNamee.

Results of Ladies Nine Hole Group tournament held Feb. 21; 1. Margaret Davidson, Joanne Griffin.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day held Feb. 22; Format: Match Play vs. Par; 1. Chet Rozof; Skins -- Sonny Compher, Chet Rozof, Joe Steiner.


Hilton Head Island Tennis Leagues

Adult 18s standings

2.5W -- SCYC Kiss My Hits in first at 2-0

3.0M -- Chaplin only team

3.0W -- Spanish Wells in first at 2-1

3.5M -- Beaufort First Strike in first at 3-0

3.5W -- Sea Pines CC, Spanish Wells 50 Shades of Purple, Port Royal Tough Cookies tied in first at 2-1

4.0M -- Wexford Warriors in first at 4-0

4.0W -- Long Cove Young and the Rest-of-Us in first at 4-1

4.5M -- PRRC BT Express in first at 2-0

4.5W -- Sea Pines CC only team

Adult 40 standings

3.0M -- Palmetto Bluff Serve Aces in first at 3-1

3.0W -- SCYC No Faults, Spanish Wells Volleymakers tied in first at 3-0

3.5M -- PD Zugwrach in first at 4-0

3.5W -- Wexford Mermaids in first at 3-0

4.0M -- Indigo Run Rum Runners in first at 4-0

4.0W -- Long Cove Kick Aces in first at 4-0

4.5W+ -- South Beach Aces in first at 2-1

Adult 55 standings

M3.0 -- CCHH Take Two, SCYC Old Racquets tied in first at 2-0

W3.0 -- SPCC White Lightning in first at 3-0

M3.5 -- Flight 1: SCYC Land Lubbers in first at 3-0; Flight 2: PD Cool Guys in first at 3-0

W3.5 -- Flight 1: Spring Lake Cosmopolitans in first at 3-0; Flight 2: Spring Lake Lucky Ladies in first at 3-0

M4.0 -- PD No-Names, LC Crazy Crabs, SL Remnants tied in first at 2-0

W4.0 -- PD Spring Tide, SYRC Har-Tru Believer's tied in first at 2-0

Coastal Carolina Tennis

Adult 18s standings

2.5W -- Rose Hill in first at 1-0

3.0W -- Rose Hill in first at 1-0

3.5M -- Beaufort Bangers only team

3.5W -- Hampton Hall Happy Hour in first at 3-1

Adult 40 standings

3.0M -- TLC only team

3.5W -- TLC Lionesses in first at 3-1

4.0W -- Belfair Bombshells in first at 1-0

4.5M+ -- TLC 40s in first at 3-0

Adult 55 standings

M3.0 -- Dataw Delinquents in first at 3-0

W3.0 -- 4 teams tied in first at 2-0

M3.5 -- Sun City Court Busters in first at 3-0

W3.5 -- Dataw Islanders, Hampton Hallstars tied in first at 4-0

M4.0 -- Hampton Lakers in first at 4-1

W4.0 -- Sun City Sunsationals in first at 2-0

M9.0 Combo -- Rose Hill Players only team