Learn more about African-American history at Beaufort County libraries

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Learn more about African-American history at Beaufort County libraries

Published Monday, February 25, 2013   |  533 Words  |  

In February, people across the United States stop and take a moment to reflect on the importance of African-American history. The Beaufort County library has plenty of resources that will intrigue customers from all backgrounds. Our information specialists are ready to help with all inquiries, from research-paper pointers to reading recommendations.


For a starting point, try "Reference Library for Black America." The five-volume set is based on the African-American Almanac and housed in the Beaufort reference collection. If you need to take a resource home, try "Legacy: Treasures of Black History," by John Hope Franklin. It traces African history across the globe and the United States. The library also offers access to reference databases, including the "History Reference Center." A librarian can show you how to access our databases from home.


The library offers a wide variety of biographies on influential leaders, including Fredrick Douglas, Barack Obama, Harriet Tubman and Condoleezza Rice. You can also check out resources on Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon B. Johnson. A few recent biographical releases include:

  • Mary Kay Carson's "What Was Your Dream Dr. King? And Other Questions About Martin Luther King Jr.," which offers answers about the influential leader's life and times. This title is geared toward children.
  • "The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks," by Jeannie Theoharis, which looks at a career of activism that spans six decades.
  • * "And Bid Him Sing: A Biography of Countèe Cullen," by Charles Molesworth, which examines the life of the poet who competed with Langston Hughes.


    The library also offers a selection of African-American fiction and literature, from novels to poetry.

    If you're looking for a love story with a lot of drama, you might want to check out Darrien Lee's "Unspoken Lies," a tale of a couple whose relationship is tested to its breaking point.

    Or perhaps you would prefer HoneyB (Mary B. Morrison's) "Single Husbands." The author dishes up a steamy tale surrounding three men, all of whom marry for the wrong reasons.

    If you're looking for a piece of historical fiction, you might want to try Anaya Mathis' "The Twelve Tribes of Hattie." Readers follow the life and struggles of one young woman who makes the journey from Georgia to Philadelphia during the great migration in the 1920s.

    For a recent collection of poetry, try "Home is Where: An Anthology of African American Poetry From The Carolinas," compiled by Kwame Dawes.

    While the library offers an array of print resources to satisfy the intellectual curiosity of our customers, we also have e-books available.

    Our 3MCloud library includes "The Vintage Book of African American Poetry," edited by Michael S. Harper and Anthony Watson, and Clara Villarosa's collection of significant quotations, "The Words of African-American Heroes." A staff member can help you sign up for a 3MCloud account.