Protect what makes Hilton Head special

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Protect what makes Hilton Head special

Published Sunday, February 24, 2013   |  170 Words  |  

Hilton Head Island was a two-traffic-light town when we moved here. It still had some of the charm and humility of a small town.

Who can forget the onion man's yellow bus, Elgie's barbecue or Abe's hushpuppies. That has all changed now. Now we have what us small towners call traffic circles. Explain, if you will, why one was located one block away from a bad intersection that might have justified one. There is more talk of adding yet two more of these oversized flower pots to impede the orderly flow of traffic on our more heavily traveled streets. May I ask why?

That is not the worst of it. As one approaches the island, one sees the urban sprawl that has become "Everytown, America." The only thing lacking is a gigantic concrete gargoyle that announces that Hilton Island, too, is just more of the same. Please, not here. We don't need it.

Stan Leavitt

Hilton Head Island