Consistency missing from leaders' actions

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Consistency missing from leaders' actions

Published Friday, February 22, 2013   |  269 Words  |  

I am very disappointed with our leaders. First, our precious president promised to do the right thing regarding our massive debt. And instead he has been focusing on gun control, immigration reform and golf. To heck with the debt. He continues to champion big spending and our debt continues to mount.

On the local level, I gave some money to a cherished cause of Malcolm
Goodridge. It was the Learning Center, to be located on the Beaufort Academy campus. It was my understanding that the money for this cause would go to helping students with dyslexia. Then last week I received a letter from the board of trustees of Beaufort Academy announcing that remaining funds for the Learning Center were to be transferred to an organization called the Coastal Community Foundation and that donors "may request that your contributions be designated for programs conducted by Beaufort Academy."

I did not contribute to Beaufort Academy. I contributed to the Learning Center, Malcolm's cause, because of my friendship with Malcolm and admiration for all that he has accomplished in spite of having dyslexia.

These are two examples of why I am disappointed with our leaders. They promise one thing and change to whatever suits them. Next time you disagree when you hear one of our leaders utter this phrase, "It's the right thing to do," do what I just did. Write a letter and tell that person that she or he is wrong.

Don Gwaltney