Don't impose on public 'horror' of flyover

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Don't impose on public 'horror' of flyover

Published Friday, February 22, 2013   |  208 Words  |  

Continuing to go down a path of an overall bad decision just because voters approved a referendum that had 10 projects bundled together and the state has graciously given to the project doesn't mean the project must take place. Many who are involved feel that this is the case.

If you offered a child 10 things they could get, such as a new bike, a pair of skates, a new game, and then threw in that their room would be painted into a horror scene, do you think they would say OK? Sure they would because they are focused on all the good things they are getting. Do you think you should still paint that child's room into a horror scene since they voted "OK"?

There are alternative locations for these two roads to connect: Just north of Tanger Outlet 1 or the intersection of Burnt Church Road. Have they even been considered?

Chris Walker

Hilton Head Island