Flyover supporters, let your voices be heard

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Flyover supporters, let your voices be heard

Published Friday, February 22, 2013   |  267 Words  |  

A year after the Cross Island Parkway was completed no one even noticed the bridge over Broad Creek, and everyone who had lobbied to derail the project pretty much agreed it was a good thing to have.

Do we have to go through all this again with the proposed flyover connecting Bluffton Parkway to the bridges to Hilton Head Island?

A minuscule vocal minority of 16 out of an area-wide population of about 50,000 has somehow managed to cow Town Council into withdrawing support for this much-needed improvement, primarily because of "the view." I believe the flyover will actually improve the view; travelers will get an elevated view of our beautiful waterway and Hilton Head before they even hit the main bridge. People coming from Ohio, New Jersey and elsewhere are already well accustomed to bridges, overpasses, causeways and all other types of highway constructions that prevent bottlenecks and help speed traffic along.

A year after the flyover project is completed the thousands of visitors, and more importantly, the thousands of people who commute from the mainland will not even notice the flyovers, but they will certainly notice their improved travel time.

I urge everyone interested in having the flyover project move forward and relieve the bottleneck at the Moss Creek light and dramatically improve traffic flow on U.S. 278 to call or email Beaufort County Council immediately and give them the backbone to push this project forward in spite of the sorry backpedaling by our Town Council.

Barry Neeff

Hilton Head Island