Good reasons to object to parkway flyover

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Good reasons to object to parkway flyover

Published Friday, February 22, 2013   |  186 Words  |  

The Hilton Head Island Town Council decision this week to withdraw support for the Bluffton Parkway flyover was a victory for common sense.

The reasons for the decision as reported by the Packet were mainly aesthetic, but there are also practical reasons for this decision. For example, how do you provide a smooth merging from three eastbound lanes on U.S. 278 and two eastbound lanes on Bluffton Parkway to a two-lane bridge without some sort of control mechanism or a new bridge?

As for the vital westbound traffic during an evacuation of Hilton Head Island, one must assume that eastbound lanes will ultimately be limited to one lane for official vehicles with the other lane reversed for westbound traffic. The reversed lane can readily be served by connecting to Bluffton Parkway at the Moss Creek light, with minimal interruption and surely minimal traffic. Don't fix what isn't broken.

Of course, there are typically reasons other than aesthetic and practical ones that drive such large highway projects.

Don G. Kennedy

Hilton Head Island