VIDEO: Sun City golf-course hero earns firefighters' honor

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VIDEO: Sun City golf-course hero earns firefighters' honor

Published Tuesday, February 19, 2013   |  403 Words  |  

It was a sunny April day when Sun City Hilton Head resident Bob Kart saw a golfer collapse on the course behind his home.

Kart sprinted to the unconscious man and immediately began CPR, while his wife called 911.

At first, Kart said, he thought the man was dead. But as he continued the chest compressions, he began to see signs of life. Paramedics arrived with a defibrillator.

And Larry Sebuck's heart began beating again.

Without Kart's quick action, Sebuck might not be here today, Bluffton Township Fire District public education officer Sandy Stroud said. On Tuesday, the district presented its Citizens Heroism award and medal to Kart as Sebuck looked on.

Sebuck said the last thing he remembers before his cardiac arrest on the Hidden Cypress Golf Course this past April 2 was walking to his ball near Kart's backyard. None of the players in his group had a cellphone with them.

Since then, he has spent months in the hospital and had open-heart surgery, followed by more months of physical rehabilitation. On Tuesday, with his health back, he and his wife were preparing for Caribbean cruise that departs this weekend.

The fire district doesn't always hear about lifesaving actions such as Kart's, but it likes to recognize people when it does, Stroud said. Kart performed CPR for a full 10 minutes -- a testament to his endurance, as the process can be physically taxing, Stroud said.

Stroud said he hopes the award will encourage others to get CPR training through classes offered at a variety of places, including at fire district.

"You never know when you're going to be presented with an emergency like this one," Stroud said.

Kart said he was trained in CPR as a requirement for his job at the Sun City fitness center. But before April, he had only practiced on mannequins.

"He was my first patient," Kart said of Sebuck.

"He did an A-plus job," Sebuck replied.

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