School board must hear from parents, teachers

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School board must hear from parents, teachers

Published Monday, February 18, 2013   |  282 Words  |  

I ran for Beaufort County School Board in the fall promising that I'd work for the following:

  • Support district employees to enhance their professional environment, while providing the best educational opportunities for our kids.
  • Push for the return of discipline and respect in our schools.
  • Hire a qualified, energized superintendent.
  • Be fiscally responsible.
  • It's been a bumpy ride. Fellow board member JoAnn Orischak and I have asked many questions and proposed ideas for change. Several board members and the interim superintendent have blocked us.

    Here are some responses I received from senior staff and board leadership:

  • There are no discipline issues in Beaufort County schools.
  • The handling of former principals Dan Durbin and Phillip Shaw situations is none of our concern. Let's move on.
  • Teacher morale in the schools is excellent. They are not burdened with absurd numbers of district initiatives and redundant professional development.
  • Policy governance works just fine.
  • We can improve our children's education and the working environment of our teachers. Thoughtful minds gathered in numbers make the difference. Parents and teachers, please attend the board meetings and share your concerns. The board members will listen and respond. If only a few parents or teachers come forward, it's painless for the board chairman to brush aside the issue. However, if you fill the meeting room, change will happen.

    Please attend the board meeting today at the Bluffton library. We need your help.

    Mike Sanz

    District 10

    Beaufort County School Board

    Hilton Head Island