Hilton Head animal-cruelty trial ruling delayed

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Hilton Head animal-cruelty trial ruling delayed

Published Friday, February 15, 2013   |  180 Words  |  

A ruling in the trial of a Hilton Head Island man facing 17 misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty was delayed Friday.

Lawyers representing both sides -- defendant Michael Cohen Jr. and the Town of Hilton Head Island -- requested a 60-day delay. A new court date was set for April 26.

Cohen is accused of failing to provide clean drinking water -- or no water at all -- for horses, dogs and pigs on his property near Spanish Wells Road. The town also claims he did not provide adequate shelter for the animals.

If Cohen improves the animals' living conditions, the charges might be dropped, town attorney Brian Hulbert said.

The parties are nearly in agreement about what constitutes acceptable living conditions for the animals, but they requested the delay to consult the S.C. Department of Livestock and Poultry for guidance about suitable shelter for horses and pigs.