GOP's alleged stupidity' prudent thinking to some

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GOP's alleged stupidity' prudent thinking to some

Published Sunday, February 17, 2013   |  239 Words  |  

A letter writer's litany of Republican "stupidity" is misinformed.

Certainly, humanitarianism trumps greed, but belief that it is "stupid" to bankrupt a nation with entitlements that go beyond assisting the poor is not greedy. It's common sense.

Global warming, or "climate change," is more complex than the writer's simple solution: Let politicians fix it. Climate has been changing throughout our lives, alternatively warming and cooling and has since Earth began cooling long ago. What is "stupid" is hysterical belief that Armageddon approaches, absent immediate action that will impact our living standards with little effect on the perceived problem. Humanitarians understand that the poor will suffer most from this course.

It isn't "stupid" for the left or right to decline to negotiate away firmly held beliefs. It's principle. Democrats have singularly refused to compromise in recent years; a stark example is the health care overhaul. I add to the writer's "bottom-of-the-barrel" list of politicians John Edwards, Jesse Jackson Jr. and "frozen money" William Jefferson. No tea partiers.

Garnering support by pledging to oppose new taxes is more defensible than taking union money in return for pushing that agenda at taxpayer cost.

Finally, while the writer might find the Second Amendment inconvenient to his beliefs, I note that our Democratic president acknowledges its protection of gun rights. Stupid?

Francis H. Dunne Sr.

Hilton Head Island