Give Obama a raspberry on tomato import call

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Give Obama a raspberry on tomato import call

Published Saturday, February 16, 2013   |  152 Words  |  

The majority of middle-class Americans believed in President Barack Obama's campaign promise to tax the wealthy and help the middle class.

We didn't have to wait long to see what we got from the "Pied Piper" chief executive. The Wall Street Journal reports that tomato prices are likely to rise between 41 percent and 168 percent as a result of the Obama administration's increased tariff on imported Mexican tomatoes. Some 80 U.S. growers (obviously not your average middle-class Americans) complained about the Mexican competition, so the Obama administration responded to insure that the rich got more than their fair share of middle-class American tomato dollars.

The next time you see food inflation at the grocery store don't forget who decided that the wealthy deserve to be richer, while the rest of us bear the brunt of higher prices.

Diane V. Nugent

Hilton Head Island