Doctor should make best use of talent, skills

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Doctor should make best use of talent, skills

Published Saturday, February 16, 2013   |  160 Words  |  

I am sure many of the former patients of Dr. Vincent Rhodes are devastated to read of his problems with the legal system and his possible incarceration.

My husband and I are among those former patients, and we continue to regard Dr. Rhodes as one of the finest doctors we have known. If he does go to prison, how wise it would be to allow him to practice medicine for the benefit of the inmates. I don't know if this is possible or what Dr. Rhodes thinks, but it would seem to be beneficial to the state and to the inmate population and possibly to Dr. Rhodes himself.

Certainly, our hope is that he will not go to prison, but if he does, not making use of his excellent medical skills would be such a waste of talent, years of training, knowledge and skill.

Barbara Temple

Lady's Island