End of Saturday delivery doesn't go far enough

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End of Saturday delivery doesn't go far enough

Published Tuesday, February 12, 2013   |  139 Words  |  

In the face of billions of dollars in losses, the proposed elimination of Saturday mail delivery is akin to the expense-reduction programs suggested by the Obama administration -- a drop in the bucket of deficits.

During the Depression, we had three days of delivery in the "penny postcard" era. Today's snail mail consists almost entirely of bulk mailing catalogs and requests for charitable contributions, which are almost immediately discarded. The only items of interest are bills and greeting cards. Personal communication is accomplished with e-mails or inexpensive telephone calls.

Three days of delivery, with cuts in labor costs, would radically reduce deficits. If the post office wants to compete with Fed Ex and UPS, let it cost-justify that as a separate operation.

Robert Scott

Hilton Head Island