Once a Southern belle, always a Southern belle

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Once a Southern belle, always a Southern belle

Published Monday, February 11, 2013   |  442 Words  |  

Patsy Hodge's mother, Caroline Goethe, came from a family of Southern belles. You know the sort of ladies I mean. Southern belles would never go out, not even to the grocery store, without dressing to the nines. Caroline had a sister named Weechie who could have been Aunt Pittypat in "Gone With the Wind." Both of these belles were always beautifully coifed and dressed.

Caroline and her family were born and raised in Hardeeville. In fact, the house in which they lived is now the headquarters of the Hardeeville Historical Society.

Caroline and Weechie lived for a time in Fernlakes. Their house was an adorable cottage that was always impeccably kept. The duo could have stepped out of an English novel. Joan and Charlie Weaver now own the house.

Patsy and her husband, Frank, opened their home to Caroline and Weechie when they all decided it would be a grand idea, so that each could keep track of the other. Everyone found it to be a wonderful fit, and both ladies were a joy to all.

Whenever I saw the two out shopping anywhere you could hear them both calling everybody "dahlin'." They never met a stranger and were always kind and agreeable.

Several weeks ago, Caroline joined her family in heaven. I hope St. Peter was ready for the reunion and had those pearly gates polished and shiny. He is going to have his hands full with all those "belles" and, dare I say, have lots of fun too.

  • Congratulations to Tina and Larry Toomer. They were named by the Hilton Head-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce as Bluffton Regional Business Council Member of the Year. As everyone knows Tina and Larry own Bluffton Oyster Co. and a restaurant on Dr. Mellichamp Drive in Old Town. They are two of the hardest working people I know. When we Blufftonians think of oysters we think of The Toomer Family.
  • * Tomorrow is Valentine's Day in case it slipped your mind. For goodness' sake, don't forget flowers or candy if so. A card would also be welcome. Don't say you haven't been warned ...

  • It is almost boating weather. The Coast Guard Auxiliary of Beaufort-Jasper Counties welcomes new members. In the group you will learn how to be safe in our waters and assist the U.S. Coast Guard in various ways. The meetings are at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month at the BJWSA building on S.C. 170 at the intersection of Snake Road and Callawassie Drive. Details: 843-705-7174