Ode to the Hilton Head Island way of living

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Ode to the Hilton Head Island way of living

Published Monday, February 11, 2013   |  300 Words  |  

Thanks to Bonnie Hunt of Hilton Head Island for sharing a poem by her daughter Stacy.

Bonnie still is working with the RBC Heritage Presented by Boeing, something she has done at every Heritage tournament except the first one in 1969.

Stacy grew up on Hilton Head and now lives in the Columbia area.

"She trains horses and gives riding lessons," Bonnie writes. "Recently she has been working with a young steer who belongs to one of her clients. He wants to be able to get a saddle on this steer (Buster) and take him to rodeos. Stacy worked at Lawton Stables and at Moss Creek Stables in her early years."

Bonnie shared a poem that Stacy posted on her Facebook page when she was here.

"I think it says exactly what Hilton Head Island is," Bonnie said.


By Stacy Hunt

The South Carolina Lowcountry, where the tides tell time and the ebb

and flow are music to the soul. Where massive live oaks form great

canopies over plantation drives and Spanish moss hangs, billowing from

finger-like branches. Where warm, salt breezes whisper through palmetto

fronds. Where dolphins frolic in the surf and sea foam clings to the

shores edge. Where great Spanish galleons once sailed with the Spanish

Conquistadors in search of new lands to claim. Where some of the first

ghosts of a civil war era still roam. Where wildlife and artistic endeavors

thrive. The South Carolina Lowcountry where Indian tribes once

flourished, a place I still call home.