What makes up morality can be in eye of beholder

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What makes up morality can be in eye of beholder

Published Sunday, February 10, 2013   |  246 Words  |  

Is morality down the sewer? This was a recent letter writer's point of view.

"Our government actually pays for illegitimate children's birth costs and care," he writes. Such actions lead to a loss of responsibility.

I might remind the writer that America is the gatekeeper and the sculptor of the world, guided by benevolence. Government's involvement with illegitimate children is a moral act and the correct one. To suggest anything short of this act of morality and kindness would be a throwback to the Dark Ages.

It's obvious that the writer's short-sighted analysis is the wrong one. His society would be a race to the bottom of civilization. Shouldn't moral truth be questioned when aid is denied to distressed people after a storm leaves families homeless, cold and hungry? Is it morally correct to cut taxes for the wealthiest people and then impose Medicare and Medicaid cuts for the elderly and poor? Is it morally OK to send young men and woman to shed blood in a war based on a lie? They return home and commit suicide at an alarming rate. Is this a loss of responsibility? Or will America be judged on moral aid to a hopeless mother of an unborn child?

Jesus addressed the rich and the religious the most because they were most blinded by success, but also because of their self-righteousness.

Bill Mahaffey

Sun City Hilton Head