A few opportunities to improve our charm

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A few opportunities to improve our charm

Published Monday, February 11, 2013   |  186 Words  |  

Recently on our return from Surfside Beach, Neil and I traveled through Georgetown, as we often do. It is a lovely little town, in fact the third oldest city in South Carolina. In many ways, it has charm like our own beautiful Beaufort.

As we drove down its main street, Front Street, we could not help but notice there were no parking meters. In fact, parking is free for two hours. Then in a small, beautifully cared for park on Front Street, we discovered a neat public restroom.

Of course, the most noticeable difference was in the care and cutting of their glorious live oaks. None are cut the way ours are. Often, Beaufort's are truly butchered because of the power lines. In Georgetown, the wires simply go through the beautiful old oaks.

We asked the difference in the cutting and learned Georgetown does not have the same utility company that serves Beaufort.

We found all of this most interesting and thought all Beaufort folk would, too.

Becky Trask