Finding real Hilton Head getting harder to do

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Finding real Hilton Head getting harder to do

Published Saturday, February 9, 2013   |  161 Words  |  

What's in a name? Apparently very little any more, particularly when it comes to Hilton Head Island.

I have a suggestion, why don't we hold the Miss "Hilton Head Island" pageant at Sun City "Hilton Head," then head to the Lakes at "Hilton Head" for a reception. Why bother involving the actual "island" at all. Then we can all head to Atlanta where they'll hold the South Carolina contest that most likely includes participants from Georgia and Florida.

Rumor has it that the winner of the Miss Hilton Head Island competition, who apparently has no connection to the actual island itself, received a GPS so she can find the town she represents. What a travesty.

Sorry, just venting. It just seems that this ridiculous fake association to our island just gets worse and worse, and now the island itself is participating in this farce.

Ross Pascall

Hilton Head Island