Common sense should prevail on the flyovers

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Common sense should prevail on the flyovers

Published Thursday, February 7, 2013   |  262 Words  |  

Not to be cynical, but why does government always find the most expensive and intrusive way to solve even simple problems?

A case in point is the controversial "flyovers" for the Bluffton Parkway entrance to and from the bridges to Hilton Head Island on U.S. 278. First and foremost, two flyovers are not required. One going off -island might be, but not the one toward Hilton Head.

I have seen the drawings and reviewed the concept of simply having traffic lights at this intersection. While a light is not required for traffic continuing on U.S. 278 going off-island, one would be needed for drivers wishing to turn left onto Bluffton Parkway.

And please remember that for traffic going off and onto the island, the Moss Creek light monitors all traffic on U.S. 278, just a quarter of a mile away. It would simply be a matter of timing the respective traffic lights. Furthermore, the amount of traffic envisioned on the Bluffton Parkway is now one-fifth of what was originally considered.

While this option is not perfect (none is) think of the millions of dollars that would be saved and the improved aesthetics that would result from this simple common-sense answer. The current idea is more of a solution looking for a problem than the other way around.

Let us hope our Town Council, Beaufort County Council and the S.C. Department of Transportation see the merits of this much simpler solution.

Tom Hatfield

Hilton Head Island