No good reason to allow high-capacity magazine

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No good reason to allow high-capacity magazine

Published Tuesday, February 5, 2013   |  138 Words  |  

I spent many years as a duck hunter. I followed the law and inserted a plug in my sixteen-gauge shotgun so that it would only hold three shells.

Many Americans are demanding automatic weapons with high-capacity magazines. I wonder why. Is it to protect themselves against a gang of 30 criminals who might invade their homes? Is it to kill more little kids and leave more bodies lying on schoolhouse floors?

Is it to give them weapons to fight our police or our military if they decide to overthrow our government? Or do we simply care more about our ducks than our children? Is it time for our legislators to get serious about protecting Americans from paranoids with 30-shot magazines on their semi-automatic weapons?

Jim Riggs

Hilton Head Island