Bluffton moms find comfort in weekly Bible study group

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Bluffton moms find comfort in weekly Bible study group

Published Saturday, February 2, 2013   |  446 Words  |  

Being a stay-at-home mom can be hard, and the pressure to be a "perfect" mother can be overwhelming.

Sue Carlson felt like she was the only resident on the "stay-at-home mom island." Her two sons hadn't started school yet, and she was pregnant with her daughter.

"I felt alone, and I knew other moms out there felt alone," Carlson said.

So seven years ago, when Carlson and Rebekah Weathers were looking for a way to serve at The Church of the Cross in Bluffton, they saw a need for a moms ministry.

"When you're a stay-at-home mom, you need support because you can be very isolated," Carlson said.

The Mom's Bible is a biblically based support group at The Church of the Cross for moms in the Bluffton community. Between six and 14 moms attend each week, their children ranging in age from still-in-the-womb to 13 years old.

"We meet with one another, support each other, study the Bible and learn what God has for us as moms," Carlson said.

The meetings focus on letting go of some of the false or exaggerated expectations of stay-at-home moms to be the perfect mother and wife. It is a time for these women to exhale and remind themselves to enjoy motherhood.

"There's this pressure. You better be room mom, be on every field trip, always have a clean house, have an awesome meal every night," Carlson said. "Being a mom, you can't have everything perfect because your children need your love and time more than clean carpets."

With hundreds of parenting books out there to choose from, Carlson and her group of mothers turns to another source.

"The Bible is our parenting book," Carlson said. "It's sometimes hard to interpret that all by yourself."

The group began as a Bible study on how to be a mom, but over the years it has grown into "let's study the Bible a little more," Carlson said.

Last year, the group members felt called to reach out to the community more. Twice a year, they host a kids clothing swap that is open to the public. They met with Friends and Family of Savannah to make boxed lunches, and they adopted a family to buy presents for at Christmas.

The group meets at 9:30 a.m. Thursdays in Parish Hall of Church of Cross. Childcare is provided.

"The church sees it as a way to serve moms," Carlson said. "We always like for more moms to join us. It can never get too big."