Don't choose security over hard-fought liberty

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Don't choose security over hard-fought liberty

Published Friday, February 1, 2013   |  215 Words  |  

Are we aware that the true genius of elected officials is the talent to win elections? This talent is not the same as the talent to govern wisely or justly once elected.

These two facts are the reason the Founders of America set up a three-part federal government with each part having checks and balances against the power of the other two. These revolutionary visionaries wanted a free citizenry and a restrained government. Are Americans still in agreement with the Founders' vision of individual liberty?

If we become a people who advocate political correctness and bloc-vote for benefits forcibly paid for by someone else, we can expect that partisan tyranny will surely gain and our constitutional liberties will be diminished.

Does a society where Joe must pay for -- and agree with -- Larry square with "liberty and justice for all"? Or does it lead to economic stagnation and one-party rule? When the ancient Israelites wanted a king, God told them it wasn't a good idea. (Samuel 8: 1-18) Let's not gamble our birthright of freedom for a bowl of "red stew" (Genesis 25: 29-34) because the stew will soon be gone and so might our freedom.

Peter F. Zych

Hilton Head Island