Music to Your Mouth Festival gets love from chefs

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Music to Your Mouth Festival gets love from chefs

Published Friday, February 1, 2013   |  752 Words  |  

There was a wonderful article in the Charleston paper Thursday. The Post and Courier had a long, loving tribute to the annual Music in Your Mouth foodie festival held in November at Palmetto Bluff. One attendee said it was like a big family reunion in "your own little world."

Southern chefs from points east and west said it is a word of mouth favorite among them. They said they love the way Palmetto Bluff took care of them and, because ticket sales are limited, it gave them a chance to mingle with the guests.

The chefs said there was no other festival like it. Second Helpings, a local nonprofit community organization, was the beneficiary of the festival.

Tickets for the next Music in Your Mouth fun go on sale in June. Details:

  • There was another snippet in the paper the other day that caught my eye. At a prison in Brazil, guards caught a little cat coming through the gate that had a cellphone, drills and small saws taped to its body.
  • Officials said all of the 263 inmates were suspects in the little white cat's smuggling attempt but also stated that since cats don't talk it will difficult to find those responsible.

    I find it hard to believe that someone could convince a cat to do anything. Our cats ignore us constantly, and I am sure would go bonkers if we taped anything to them. I would like to see that cat -- it must be really laid back.

  • Jim Szarka has become a winemaker. He has joined The Vintner's Club and has been busy producing his limited edition wines. I was wondering why there were no grapes in the grocery store. I can just see his wife Rita stomping on them in their backyard. It is, to say the least, an interesting hobby.
  • My father loved to make wine out of scuppernong grapes. He would put the juice in a big crock to ferment then carefully pour it into bottles. In the middle of the night we were sometimes awakened by loud popping sounds. Fortunately, the wine was out in the garage, because when the bottles exploded there was a big mess.

    Athens, Ga., was in a "dry" county then, so getting any sort of alcoholic beverage required driving to Atlanta, which was a two-hour trip. It was a happy day for all of us when the first liquor store opened.

    I don't imagine Jim's wine has exploded. We all look forward to having a nip of his very own Bluffton vino.

  • The Beaufort County Sheriff's office is inviting anyone 18 and older to join them at the upcoming 10-week Citizens Police Academy. Class attendees will learn about all sorts of police work.
  • The CPA will offer hands-on demonstrations and an inside look at how decisions and policies are made. Also included will be a ride with a deputy and field trips to various offices to learn what the officers are faced with each day.

    Classes begin Jan. 31 at Technical College of the Lowcountry. All sessions are held from 6 to 9 p.m.

    Applications for the Citizens Police Academy are available at the Sheriff's office or at

    Details: Captain T.W. Smith, 843-255-3292.

  • Judy Bradley, one of my neighbors, had a wonderful little afternoon party last week. Judy and her husband have a beautiful house they built on the river several years ago. They have a busy life in Savannah so, when they can, they come to Bluffton as often as possible.
  • Judy has a wonderful collection of Lowcountry art that is the perfect complement to her house. It was a lovely backdrop for everyone there. It was so fun to see Angela Gale, she and her husband Gordon are building a house at Palmetto Bluff; Patsy Hodge; Nancy Golson; Loretta Wells; Brenda Dunaway, who divides her time between Bluffton and Washington, D.C.; Bess Soper; Carolyn Trosdal; Mary Vaux; Jeanne Lee; Corinne Reeves; and Alice Fraser, who wore a beautiful sweater cape, noshed and chatted the afternoon away. It was a lovely way to end a perfect Bluffton day.