Make bad people pay for their burden

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Make bad people pay for their burden

Published Thursday, January 31, 2013   |  178 Words  |  

Recently, I was reading (for the second time) Bill Arp's book, "From the Uncivil War to Date," which he published in 1903. In it, I ran across the following on page 229 -- verbatim:

"The laws are made for bad people only, and bad people costs us about all the surplus that's made. I know folks all around me who never violate a law or impose on their nabors or have a lawsuit, and it seems to me they ought not to be taxed like people who are always a fussing around the courthouse and taking up the time of juries and witnesses. There ought to be some way to reward good citizens who give us no trouble or expense, and to make folks who love strife and contention pay the expense of it."

Wow, and this was written in 1903.

Bill Arp's real name was Charles Henry Smith, but he wrote under the nom de plume "Bill Arp" from 1861 to 1903.

Pierre N. McGowan

St. Helena Island