Obama's statements detached from reality

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Obama's statements detached from reality

Published Sunday, January 27, 2013   |  236 Words  |  

When George W. Bush was president, Democrats, including then-Sen. Barack Obama, said his tax cuts only helped the rich. Yet when those tax cuts expired, amazingly everyone's taxes went up.

When in Congress, Obama claimed raising taxes in a recession was a bad idea. Running for president in 2012, he said he'd only raise taxes on the rich, and he preferred a "balanced approach," which seemed to mean balancing tax increases and spending cuts. Yet he refuses to negotiate with Republicans or consider their spending cuts. He belittles them for suggesting that endlessly raising the debt ceiling and continuing to spend is a problem.

The president says he is compassionate and concerned about guns; indeed, he wiped away tears when speaking of victims in the Connecticut shooting. Yet his administration used tax dollars to buy guns to send to Mexico without bothering to trace them, which resulted in the deaths of our border guard plus several hundred other people.

The president ignores ongoing deadly shootings, including children in Chicago, despite its strict gun laws. He fails to mention his executive order allowing the U.S. to kill anyone, including American citizens, without due process or any explanation. Meanwhile, he surrounds himself with children to symbolize gun danger. Does this sideshow mean only violence in some places matters and only some deaths count?

Joy James