Davis does SC no favors with nullification stance

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Davis does SC no favors with nullification stance

Published Saturday, January 26, 2013   |  169 Words  |  

State Sen. Tom Davis's rants are not in the best interests of his constituents.

He's quoted in the Sunday Packet as saying, "My objective over the next four years, every day I walk into the Senate chamber, is to find another way I can thwart federal encroachment."

Note he is not trying to "thwart" the number of federal military bases in South Carolina or "thwart" the $1.37 the federal government sends back to South Carolina for every $1 the state sends to Washington.

America's system of government is the greatest of any in the history of man. During America's greatness, South Carolina has suffered (see almost any national ranking) from persuasive and influential politicians like Davis who spent their time trying to nullify, secede from or thwart the American system. All of South Carolina would benefit if Davis changed his objective from "thwarting" to helping the governor improve education and attract jobs.

Gil Smith

Hilton Head Island