Country's best hope to limit time in office

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Country's best hope to limit time in office

Published Monday, January 28, 2013   |  264 Words  |  

Perhaps the political scene in Washington has always been a murky cesspool, but with 24/7 news cycles, it has become more obvious.

Every day, we witness politicians racing to a podium to express their outage and feigned indignation over the behavior of the opposing party. The issues are as polarizing as they are complex. Very little is accomplished, but the debates seem endless. If the private sector was as inefficient as the government, our country would be at a standstill on our way to becoming a Third World nation.

I do believe there is method to their madness. We assume that our elected officials are intent on making our lives better when, in fact, their real goal is the pursuit of power and financial security. Steeped in their hubris is the sense that their political artistry is the equivalent of the works of Van Gogh when, in reality, it is a lot closer to Sherwin Williams. The fawning media, which are supposed to be the watchdogs of society, have morphed into the lapdogs of the current administration.

Since there is no measurable correlation between longevity in office and competence, the only solution to our problem is term limits. It is comical to hear politicians refer to their "40 years of public service." Unless "public service" is a euphemism for "greed and corruption," the country would be far better served with one-term politicians and the elimination of politics as a career option. People who can't balance a budget shouldn't govern.

Kevin Baruth