Changing morality redefining our society

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Changing morality redefining our society

Published Friday, January 25, 2013   |  216 Words  |  

Four words that Webster's Dictionary can delete or at least redefine are truth, morality, integrity and shame.

All politicians have lied with impunity probably since there have been politicians. But since Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton did it on television and in front of a grand jury, it seems to me that lying has gone from telling tall tales to a fine art of deception and misuse of words.

God has been knocked down by our courts time and again. But in the name of civil rights, all types of sexual deviations are acceptable. Marriage has no meaning. Morality is down the sewer. Our government actually pays for illegitimate children's birth costs and care. The above loss of truth and morality has led to a society that prefers to be given food, housing and even such banal items as cell phones from the government. That leads to a complete loss of responsibility for one's actions.

My mother fed four boys with nothing, but had too much integrity to ask for help. Nobody is guilty for any grievous acts. Society finds causes for actions; there is no need to feel shame about anything anybody does.

Read this and weep.

Fernand LaBranche