Some reality must enter our gun control debate

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Some reality must enter our gun control debate

Published Sunday, January 20, 2013   |  267 Words  |  

A flag caught my eye today. It resembled the original American flag, with its stripes and circle of 13 stars. But it had a Roman numeral two in the center of that circle. I found out this flag is associated with the tea party and represents the "Second American Revolution," which will occur if Washington enacts gun control.

Later, I read an article quoting an organization that believes the National Rifle Association is too eager to compromise on gun control. Really? They also believe the government is going to put its citizens in "bondage," which will trigger the next American revolution. Really?

Espousing revolution is not amusing. Guns cost us more than 30,000 American lives a year: more than the Revolutionary War, tenfold those killed on 9/11, nearly as many as in the Korean War and six times more than the Iraq war. Every year. Ten percent of those are children, one being killed every three hours and 15 minutes. Every year.

If that doesn't interest you, how about money? A national study confirms that gun violence costs America $100 billion annually, and you pay
49 percent of that cost. Really.

The Founding Fathers never dreamed of such carnage. They never imagined a weapon that could wipe out a classroom of children or a theater full of people in a few minutes. I've owned guns, and I've hunted. I didn't need an "assault-style" weapon to shoot a deer or for target practice or to feel safe. No one does. Really.

Cheryl Kanuck

Sun City Hilton Head