Statistics all point to grim future for US

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Statistics all point to grim future for US

Published Sunday, January 20, 2013   |  155 Words  |  

The U.S. is $16.4 trillion in debt; that's $51,000 per person.

The U.S. spends 33 percent more on health care and is last in life expectancy of affluent countries.

The U.S. is the leading country for violent deaths.

U.S. education has dropped to 17th in the world from first 40 years ago.

We have more guns than any country, and we talk about putting armed guards in all schools.

Forty percent of Americans are obese.

Half of African-American males do not graduate from high school.

Congress can't function well enough to solve anything.

Why do we put up with these results? The press tells us all this information, and we just listen but take no action. We are headed toward Greece. We don't care about our grandchildren.

Clem Andes

Moss Creek