Republicans the masters of their bad fortunes

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Republicans the masters of their bad fortunes

Published Friday, January 18, 2013   |  243 Words  |  

My message to the Republican Party, especially the tea party: Please proceed.

It is clear that you are still reeling from Mitt Romney's stinging loss of the presidency. You cast aside the need for fact-checking throughout the disastrous campaign to your own demise because you believed the Fox News-conducted polls, which assured you that Romney had all the "momentum" going into the final stretch.

You then decided to go after Susan Rice with the ferocity of a feral dog backed into a corner. What occurred in Benghazi, Libya, was certainly a tragedy, but there is an inherent risk for anyone who works in embassies located in high-risk parts of the world. Rice was reporting the facts as known at the time, and attacking her character (led by the unholy trio of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte) became your partisan obsession.

Next came the drama of the "fiscal cliff." Eric Cantor and the tea party members of the House were eager to go over the cliff -- damn the consequences. Blinded by the fear of Grover Norquist and his threatened primary fights, continuing the tax breaks for 2 percent of Americans was more important than adding to the national debt.

Now we have vicious confirmation fights for Cabinet nominees to look forward to, and then the grandaddy of all issues -- the "debt ceiling." Please proceed.

Maggie Morse