Country star Miranda Lambert launches tour with Dierks Bentley

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Country star Miranda Lambert launches tour with Dierks Bentley

Special to Lowcountry Current
Published Thursday, January 17, 2013   |  563 Words  |  

No one will ever accuse Miranda Lambert of indolence. Days away from launching a co-headlining tour at 7:30 p.m. today with Dierks Bentley at Columbia's Colonial Life Arena, the country music star was putting the finishing touches on her second album with her band Pistol Annies (which also features Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley). That album is likely to take precedence over her solo work and disrupt the cycle of a new Lambert solo album every two years (her last one being 2011's "Four the Record").

On tour, Lambert has been known to perform the occasional Pistol Annies cover (not to mention a Lady Gaga selection). Prior to the "Locked & Reloaded" kickoff, Lowcountry Current caught up with the former "Nashville Star" finalist and Texas native about her arsenal of music awards, the one artist she's dying to collaborate with and, again, Lady Gaga.

Question. You've won a number of awards over the years. Where do you keep them all? Ever give any away?

Answer. That's true; I have been blessed with a collection of awards, and I love them all the same and would never give any of them away.

Q. Is there one country music artist you've been dying to work with but haven't yet? If so, who and why?

A. I still haven't met Dolly Parton, and I naturally would love to. Her long career and the way she keeps entertaining us all with such amazing talent and grace has always been a big inspiration to me.

Q. What music artist would your fans be most surprised you're a fan of?

A. I talk about them all the time, so I'm not sure it's a big surprise, but I love Beyonce and Lady Gaga. They are such creative forces and are constantly pushing the limits. Plus, their music is just so much fun.

Q. Do you ever have times when the last thing you want to do is play or listen to music?

A. I am so lucky to work in music because it is truly my biggest passion. I never take a break from enjoying it, but like everyone, there are times when I just want to be a normal woman at home with my husband (country singer Blake Shelton) and animals. Even at home I always have music playing somewhere in the house.

Q. What's your current biggest guilty pleasure?

A. I always try to lead a healthy lifestyle, but I'm the type of person who cannot constantly diet. Being from the South, I have a natural weakness for fried food, so I allow myself to have cheat days while exercising and eating well. It helps me stay on track.

Q. Any more plans to do acting. If so, in what capacity?

A. I had such a great first experience on "Law & Order: SVU" (which aired in February 2012), but I also learned that acting is very hard and a lot of work. It didn't come as naturally to me as music, but if another amazing opportunity came my way, I would consider doing it again.