District mustn't roll dice with students' futures

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District mustn't roll dice with students' futures

Published Thursday, January 17, 2013   |  225 Words  |  

I attended the Jan. 10 Bluffton Community Committee meeting to stay informed about the changes that will occur because of the overcrowding at Bluffton schools. As a student who will be affected by these changes, I wanted to feel comfortable with the progress being made to solve the issue.

As a team-building exercise, school district officials split the committee into three groups and gave them information to simulate the expenses of the district 10 years ago. While it is important to encourage teamwork, this lengthy exercise saw many of the attendees leave, including parents, students and even school board members, while the district had the committee members roll dice to solve past financial problems.

The time spent rolling dice and dealing with problems that existed 10 years ago took away from the increasingly short amount of time that is left before decisions have to be made. Mobile classrooms must be ordered by mid-February, leaving about five weekly meetings to make substantial progress.

Your recent editorial stated, "Parents have a voice and it's time to use it." I couldn't agree more. This community needs to come together and tell the district that we have had enough with putting our students' futures at risk. Their futures need to be certain and not left to chance.

Sean Greiner