Education leaders always blame others

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Education leaders always blame others

Published Wednesday, January 16, 2013   |  173 Words  |  

We now have the state superintendent of schools attempting to assign letter grades to the state's public school teachers. This is the latest attempt at diverting attention away from the real problem.

I began my teaching career in the mid-1960s, when American student achievement was world-class. In the decades since then, American student achievement has dropped to second- or third-class in the world. What we have seen during that time is a failure, big time, in school leadership.

A simple way to explain our public school problems in terms of our school leadership can be done this way: With your arms at your side, raise your forearms in front of you until they are parallel to the ground. With your left index finger, point to the right. With your right index finger, point to the left.

Of course, in a corporate servitude (right-to-work) state, any and all problems are caused by the workers.

William Baker

St. Helena Island