Gun debate should be pro-common sense

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Gun debate should be pro-common sense

Published Wednesday, January 9, 2013   |  254 Words  |  

In his Jan. 5 column, Rabbi Brad Bloom elevated the gun control debate to a religious one saying we need to rid ourselves of guns because it's a pro-life issue.

That's an interesting perspective. It presents someone like me, a practicing Catholic who is 100 percent pro-life, with a conundrum.

I am now forced to be pro-choice in how I choose to protect my family. I have a legal right to own a firearm. I have the training, experience and background, so who is the rabbi to choose for me? When a criminal, who has no legal right, decides to invade my home or my car or threaten my life, my choice is clear. I am still pro-life, the life of myself and my family. I am also pro-choice in the weapon I decide to use. That choice is dependent on how many criminals decide I am an easy mark, but it's my legal choice.

A better suggestion might be to be pro-legal. Enforce current laws as they are meant to be enforced. We can also be pro-mental health and stop mentally ill people from acquiring firearms through better background checks. While we are at it, let's toss in pro-responsibility and hold people accountable for allowing others access to their legally owned firearms.

Perhaps the biggest issue here is how people with an agenda to eliminate firearms have lost any reasonable ability to be pro-common sense.

Arthur V. Martin