Knee-jerk reactions won't stop violence

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Knee-jerk reactions won't stop violence

Published Tuesday, January 8, 2013   |  227 Words  |  

After reading all the letters about how gun control would reduce crime, I had a great idea. Let's make illicit drug use illegal. We could solve the drug problem with the stroke of a pen. But then I thought, no, that's already been done, and it didn't work there either.

If people would look past their fear and dislike of firearms and analyze the facts, they would see that more gun control is not the answer. Mass killings don't take place at National Rifle Association conventions or gun shows. Massacres happen in areas where it's illegal to carry. Americans, generally law-abiding citizens, are vulnerable to criminals who disregard gun laws, no matter how many are passed. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and it had 513 murders this past year. Israel is under constant attack from all sides, but its school children are safe, having had armed guards and teachers for decades.

Any honest person would admit that video games have contributed to this problem.

Instead of letting emotion run the show, we must be reasonable and rational. There is a lot we can do to make this country safer, but a knee-jerk reaction of blaming the gun for the actions of nuts is not one of them.

Bob Karr