Target root causes of violence, not guns

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Target root causes of violence, not guns

Published Sunday, January 6, 2013   |  264 Words  |  

The smartest people solve problems by addressing the root issue that causes a problem. With this approach, the problem has a permanent solution.

Others prefer to address problems by alleviating some condition of the problem, thereby reducing the occurrence of the problem and possibly the magnitude of the problem.

The latter approach is much simpler but the real problem still lingers.

For example, a person in pain goes to his doctor. The doctor tells the patient he has two choices. He can have an operation, which will permanently address the problem, or he can start taking painkillers to alleviate the pain. The painkiller route is cheaper, less risky and much simpler, but it's not going to address the problem.

This example translates directly to the gun control issue. Some people want to use gun control to alleviate the real problems in society. The cause of the recent incident was mental illness and violent video games. It appears that we will not address those issues but instead we will focus on the painkiller approach, being the control of the gun, bomb, knife or poison of choice.

Most people are open to some gun control laws. But when some politicians vehemently suggest our Second Amendment doesn't give an individual the right to own a gun, it closes the door for compromise on gun control. You give this kind of person an inch and he will take the whole gun. That isn't happening in my life.

Wes Breinich

Hilton Head Island