We cannot afford US bureaucracies

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We cannot afford US bureaucracies

Published Monday, January 7, 2013   |  152 Words  |  

To all the writers and readers of letters espousing the expansion of government into more and more areas of our lives, please see the article in this newspaper Wednesday regarding the Savannah River Site nuclear facility near Aiken.

The article states that a new plant there was scheduled for completion in 2009, at a cost of $400 million. Now it may be completed by 2018, at a cost of $1.3 billion.

As federal government bureaucracies manage this program, the state looks forward to fining SRS $105,000 per day for missing an October 2015 completion date.

This is not an exception when governmental bureaucracies are managing projects and spending taxpayers money. Time and money have no constraints for government.

This is why we should be very frightened of turning more over to the government to run. We cannot afford it.

Scott Gustafson

Hilton Head Island