Political posturing, secrecy must stop

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Political posturing, secrecy must stop

Published Saturday, January 5, 2013   |  184 Words  |  

The constant posturing between political parties must stop. The problems their incompetence has created are too serious to be treated like two opposing high school teams.

Even with games, wisdom suggests emphasis should be on the joy of playing the game and observing the skills of talented players, regardless which team they represent.

But solving political problems is too crucial to be won or lost by which party is suggesting a solution. Invariably, the first thing most want to know about a proposal is which party suggests it -- not whether it has merit.

We should demand that none of our political employees hide essential facts about their operation. More often than not, our security system is geared to hide information from fellow citizens, rather than potential enemies. Enemies, here and abroad, are the result of hiding relevant facts from our citizen taxpayers. If a plan can only succeed through secrecy, it shouldn't be executed. Instead of militaristic robots, the WikiLeaks of the world are mankind's most valuable guardians.

Charles Schisler