Gloria Dalvini paints scenes of the South

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Gloria Dalvini paints scenes of the South

Published Friday, January 4, 2013   |  473 Words  |  

Gloria Dalvini Watercolors and Studio was a fixture on Beaufort's waterfront for 11 years. It closed about five years ago, but its namesake is still a big part of the Beaufort arts scene.

Dalvini's latest work, "Southern Scenes," will be on display Sunday through Feb. 16 at the Beaufort Art Association. Her collection of oil works showcases her en plein air style of Beaufort and beyond.

Aside from her studio, Dalvini has been instrumental in building Beaufort's reputation as an art hub over the past 20 years. She was instrumental in establishing The Guild of Beaufort Galleries and the Downtown Beaufort Artwalks. Most recently, she helped start the Lowcountry Plein Air Society.

Dalvini, a Michigan native, explains her latest work.

Question. What's your exhibit about?

Answer. It's what I like to think of as Southern scenes. I paint en plein air so I'm usually outside here in Beaufort or elsewhere in South Carolina.

Q. Do you mainly seek out new places or do you often return to the same place to paint?

A. I return to the same places a lot of the time. Maybe I'll see something different at the site. Maybe I'll go down to (Henry C. Chambers) Waterfront Park and see something I haven't seen before. It doesn't matter how many times I return to the same place. I might paint a historic house five times. But it may be from a different angle or the lighting may be different. It never looks the same.

Q. Where do you go?

A. I go to Savannah and Charleston. One of the paintings in the exhibit was from the Savannah wildlife refuge. For this specific exhibit, I stayed within the immediate surrounding area.

Q. You ran your gallery for 11 years. Do you have any desire to open a new one?

A. I think I'm done with that. I really enjoyed it because I could speak to the people who'd buy my paintings. But now I get to paint outside all the time. I used to be in the gallery all the time.

Q. What is it about en plein air that you find fulfilling?

A. I can never get the same feel with a painting when I paint inside. Inside, you can't see all the colors. You can see so much more from just a photograph.


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