'Saved' for new taxes, even more spending

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'Saved' for new taxes, even more spending

Published Friday, January 4, 2013   |  154 Words  |  

Well, how wonderful. Our brilliant politicians in Washington have saved us from the dreaded "fiscal cliff." So now our taxes go up so they can throw around some more money -- not cut spending, like they should.

And just wait. The "Obamacare" taxes haven't even started kicking in.

Why, I just received a letter from Social Security telling me I'm getting a 1.7 percent increase in my check starting this month. Funny thing, the check is smaller than it was before. Ah, alas, Medicare has gone up to eat up my "raise."

So while the Obamas are in Hawaii enjoying a $4 million holiday, and Congress gets an $11 billion raise, we get more taxes and more spending, and no one seems to care.

Let's just keep re-electing these guys until the country is bankrupt. Great plan for the future.

Marcia Sebastian