For less gun violence, reduce number of guns

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For less gun violence, reduce number of guns

Published Tuesday, January 1, 2013   |  170 Words  |  

Why was I not surprised to read that the National Rifle Association is advocating more guns -- not fewer guns -- to reduce gun violence in America?

The latest proposal from the NRA to reduce gun violence is to arm teachers, and when that fails I suppose the NRA will propose arming students. More guns is the NRA's solution to reducing gun violence in America.

However, the solution is fewer guns, and it can begin, very simply, by us voluntarily giving up our guns to proper authorities, such as the police, no questions asked. Fewer guns among the population will equate to less gun violence.

Voluntarily giving up our guns is a step to reducing gun violence that doesn't require political will or the input of twisted logic from the NRA. All it requires is the good common sense of Americans whose primary concern is to see positive steps toward less gun violence.

Jim Dale

Hilton Head Island