Entitlement reform is a separate debate

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Entitlement reform is a separate debate

Published Wednesday, January 2, 2013   |  147 Words  |  

This is in response to the writer indicating that entitlements must be addressed now -- during the "fiscal cliff" discussions.

Medicare and Social Security are essential programs needed by our seniors and disabled. I agree that these programs need changes, such as raising the early retirement age for Social Security from 62 to 63 and eliminating the cap on contributions. We also should consider raising the Medicare age from 65 to 66 and requiring means testing.

I have, time and time again, written to my congressional representatives, the president, and to organizations that blindly oppose any changes to these important programs. I hope others do the same.

Democrats would be well served to propose such changes soon. However, Social Security and Medicare must, in no way, be held hostage in the "fiscal cliff" negotiations.

Catherine Stevens

Hilton Head Island