Process of divorce needs accountability

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Process of divorce needs accountability

Published Sunday, December 30, 2012   |  255 Words  |  

Kathleen Parker's linking the erosion of marriage to the shrinking of the middle class and its effects on the economy makes common sense. Stable, successful families maintain their collective assets and prosper. Broken families suffer from the loss of cohesive leadership and the dissipation of assets.

One deleterious factor affecting marriage and the maintenance of any semblance of family Parker doesn't mention, however, is the devastation that the "legal" process imposes on couples who decide to dissolve their marriages.

Despite the introduction of "no fault" divorce in many states, greedy "family law" attorneys can still manufacture ad hominem campaigns against a spouse in order to "win" for their clients and generate more fees for themselves. My relatively straightforward divorce in Washington in 2009 turned into a four-year legal conflict costing more than a half-million dollars. Who won? The attorneys. Who lost? My ex-husband, me, my children, our assets and, ultimately, society.

The absurd lack of accountability among corrupt attorneys and judges, who pit one spouse against the other, perpetuates these results and is a major contributor to the erosion of marriages, families, child welfare, and the economy. Yet it still happens every day, under the radar, because of the dearth of oversight of the legal profession. is an organization seeking to address this profound problem. Its website quotes Ephesians 5:11: "Have nothing to do with the useless works that darkness produces. Instead, expose them for what they are."

Kate McClintic