Gun-violence report cannot be simplistic

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Gun-violence report cannot be simplistic

Published Sunday, December 30, 2012   |  154 Words  |  

Hopefully, the report from the "Biden Commission" on gun violence will be comprehensive and not simplistic, stopping just at proscription of certain specific weapons but also magazine size and the character of the bullets themselves.

Most difficult will be this: what to do with all of the banned items already out there.

Electronic gaming is used to select combat pilots and then helps to train them.

Today's shooting "games" require great practice and skill but are exceedingly graphic and violent, gradually desensitizing the operator to the mayhem and pain he creates on the screen. Most gamers are not addicted to the sport and retain balance. But my question is, are we selecting for those who are disturbed and unbalanced? Are we amplifying psychopathic tendencies and then training them? It's time for parenting -- at the least.

Charles P. Duvall

Hilton Head Island