America must get angrier about killings

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America must get angrier about killings

Published Saturday, December 29, 2012   |  188 Words  |  

I remember talk after the Virginia Tech shootings about the need to eliminate automatic weapons in this country. It seemed to fade away after a couple of weeks. Now it seems to be regular news with one massacre after another.

Currently, it's young children in Connecticut. In a few weeks, the talk will probably fade away again.

Americans just aren't angry enough yet. If we were, we'd be all over our congressmen and senators to have the guts to get rid of the automatic weapons.

It's amazing but, no, we're not angry enough. We must think it's too difficult to change laws, so we'd rather go right on with the usual prayer vigils again and again. We're good at that. But don't you think God might also like us to go one step further?

How long does it take us to contact our elected officials? Maybe five minutes?

After this incident, will people finally get it? Or will we simply pray extra, extra hard this time?

Jim Murphy

Sun City Hilton Head