Limit one freedom for a greater freedom

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Limit one freedom for a greater freedom

Published Monday, December 31, 2012   |  273 Words  |  

Terrorists? We face greater danger from civility breaking down America's ability to thrive and ensure individual responsibility.

One dime has two sides. Public issues have two sides, but there's only one U.S.

The gun issue is two-sided. A Republican senator and I enjoy gun safety and hunting while exercising our responsibility to kill only under state, military or police authority.

We need a new national law for gun sport and safety: Remove violent guns and piercing bullets that only kill innocents and our protectors.

How? Limit one freedom to gain greater freedom.

The National Rifle Association peddles myths: "They want to take all our guns away"; "you can't trust politicians"; "guns don't kill people, people do"; "enforce existing laws."

In fact, guns kill more than 30 people a day. States enforcing laws have fewer deaths. Mayors targeted five NRA congressional extremists and four of them were easily defeated.

The No. 1 goal of Republican leaders was to defeat Obama. As other presidents, Obama has limitations. He was a loner of mixed heritage, abandoned by both parents. But he is brighter and more fluent than most of us and effective with inclusion rather than exclusion.

We must curb our violent popular culture in movies, video games and music.

Also, funds have been gutted for local community mental health. Listen to your neighbors' struggle for help other than on the street or in jail; this is where hearts are broken, not just the increasing killing of innocents and protectors.

Robert Newton