Tell board members your thoughts on issues

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Tell board members your thoughts on issues

Published Wednesday, December 26, 2012   |  146 Words  |  

There is no other school board in the state that saw the significant changes Beaufort County did in this recent election.

Voters weighed in on redistricting and several contested races to construct a predominantly new Board of Education. Board members will be sworn in Jan. 2 and will immediately vote on our choices for the board's leadership: chairman, vice chairman and secretary.

For those of you who have a strong interest in such matters and would like to contribute your thoughts and opinions, you can comment on this letter, which will be posted online at or You can remain anonymous, but including your district would be helpful. Please encourage others to join in on this exchange.

JoAnn Orischak

District 11 representative-elect

Beaufort County school board

Hilton Head Island